Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March 6, 2007

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

Kyle is two weeks old today! The top picture above was taken of Kyle when he was 3 days old. The bottom picture, taken today, is Kyle at 2 weeks. It is sort of hard to see, but there is the same size straw in each picture - hopefully to give you a little perspective as to how much he has grown. I know it is difficult to tell from a photo!
I am finally beginning to feel like I am able to do mother type things for him. The last couple of days I have been allowed to change his diapers and take his temperature (under his arm). I realize there will come a day when changing diapers is not so magical, but for now it is so exciting! I was also able to feed Kyle. The nurse hooked up a syringe of milk to his feeding tube, and allowed me to very slowly push milk down into Kyle's tummy. Probably most importantly, I am now able to tell when he is getting upset and I know how to calm him down. He does not like to be poked and prodded, and anytime he is, he starts squirming and his heart rate will go up. I have learned that if I cup my hands on the top of his head and the bottom of his feet, he will calm down pretty quickly. The nurses say to confine him this way makes him feel secure like he is still in the womb. And of course the Kangaroo Care is awesome when I am allowed to do it! When Kyle was first born, I was petrified of "breaking" him - he was so small and fragile - and I felt helpless as his mommy. It is a very good feeling to finally feel as if I am able to help take care of him.

The results of Kyle's blood culture came back this morning, and it is still showing negative. Praise God! The doctors have stopped treating him with antibiotics, but will still continue to watch the culture for two more days before they officially declare he does not have an infection. Other than that, the only other news for today is that Kyle is tolerating his feedings very well. Today, the doctors increased his feedings to every three hours (yesterday he began feedings every four hours). He is still on 1 cc (equivalent to 1/5 of a teaspoon) except for every third feeding they are giving him 2 cc's.

On Friday evening I am going to fly home so that I can watch Madison's last cheerleading game on Saturday morning. After the game, Joe, Madison and I are going to drive my car down to Orlando - so that I do not have to keep renting a car. Then on Tuesday Madison and Joe will fly home, which means Madison will miss school on Monday and Tuesday of next week. When Madison got off the bus yesterday, she was burning up and ended up having a fever of almost 101. Poor thing did not say anything to her teacher yesterday because she was afraid if she was sent home from school for being sick, we would not allow her to miss any school next week. It makes me so sad that she worries about such things. Joe took her to the doctors this morning and she has a cold and an ear infection. They started her on penicillin and thankfully she is feeling much better and will be able to return to school tomorrow. I miss Madison all of the time - but it is especially hard during times like this.

I have so much love and thankfulness for all of you. I know your prayers are making a huge difference in our lives and how we handle each day.
In Christ,
Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Congratulations to you and Baby Kyle on his 2week birthday! I noticed right away in the bottom picture how much he has grown thanks to you and your mothering.

It will be good for all of you to be together again this weekend. Then before you know it, Spring Break will be upon you and then you can enjoy an extended visit in Florida with your family.

Thanks for the photos that Joe gave us. I showed them to Bill last night when he got home from Utah. We can't wait to see you and Kyle!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, You are sharing a beautiful love story with us: your love for your precious baby and God's love for us. It is awesome to hear how the details of your day unfold. Somehow the alarm and concern of your circumstance is softened by all that is overcome and accomplished. That which is achieved by Kyle and you is normally taken for granted. It stirs such tenderness within and gratitude to God to "experience" through your eyes how complex and amazing new life is. We are wonderfully made. Praying more victories for you and Kyle. Laura

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all of your news about your family. Our prayers are continually forthcoming. Many Blessings,

Curt, Tammy, Jordan & "B"

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
I so appreciate all the updates! I look for them daily. It sounds like Kyle is on the upward swing, if he was getting an infection than they must have nipped it in the bud early. Kyle should start gaining weight very soon. About 20 grams a day would be a nice slow steady weight gain, there are so many variables so this may not happen everyday. Hang in there, we are praying for you and your family daily!!
Furlong family

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,
It was so good to hear all your good news today! Kyle is growing nicely and I am so glad the cultures have been normal so far. How nice it is that you are doing mothering things for Kyle. It really means so much to him - babies can recognize voices and touch. It is good that you can be with him so much. Have a safe trip home to Ohio and back to Florida. Keep the pictures coming - they are great and Kyle is adorable!
Love you,
Aunt Kathie