Thursday, March 1, 2007

March 1, 2007

"Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands. " Deuteronomy 7:9

I was able to begin Kangaroo Care with Kyle today - see the pictures above!!! During Kangaroo Care, also known as skin-to-skin care, the baby is placed on the parent's chest for at least an hour (I got to hold Kyle for 2 1/2 hours this afternoon), clad only in a diaper and cap. The baby's head is turned to the side so that it's ear is against the parent's heart. Kyle's vent tubing and wires are taped to our clothes. and then blankets are piled on to help keep his temperature regulated. Two - three nurses assist in the transfer from isolette to the parent's chest. For the parents, Kangarooing satisfies the need to feel like a Mom or Dad and gives us a chance to do something for our babies. For the premature babies, Kangaroo Care lowers oxygen requirements, stabilizes heart rates, assists with their ability to keep warm and gives them an overall sense of peace. I was very nervous/excited/scared to finally be able to hold Kyle out of the isolette. I was so afraid of hurting him - he is so tiny! Once we got settled in, though, it was wonderful! It was the first time I felt like I was 'mothering' him. They put him on my chest and I just melted. It was an awesome moment, I just wish Joe and Madison could have been here to share it with me.

Other than the Kangaroo Care, it has been a relatively quiet day for baby Kyle. He has been losing some weight, and now weighs just 1lb. 2.5oz. As with all newborns, the doctors told us to expect for him to lose about 10% of his body weight after birth. It is scary to us because he has so little weight to "lose" in the first place! The doctors tried increasing his sugar water last night, as this is how they put on weight at this stage. Unfortunately, his body didn't tolerate the extra sugar very well and they had to give him a shot of insulin this afternoon as a result. Please pray for him to begin gaining weight as well as for the ductus to be closed through medicine. Not only will this allow Kyle to avoid surgery, it will also enable him to begin his feedings again tomorrow.

Joe and Madison flew home to Ohio yesterday. It was important for our family to have had this time together, the last few weeks have been such a roller coaster. Between visits at the hospital, we were able to do something fun with Madison each day to make it seem more like a vacation for her. On Sunday evening, we went to Universals City Walk for dinner and arcade games. I went into labor on our last full day of vacation in the beginning of February. Madison was great about it, but her biggest regret is that she did not get "slimed" at the Nickelodeon Hotel we were staying at as we had planned. Instead she spent that time in the hospital by my bedside. The staff at the Nick Hotel was great about everything, and even gave us passes to come back for a special event on Monday so that Madison could get slimed finally! The highlight of this event is that Jesse Mc Cartney was the surprise musical guest. Madison was so excited, she screamed like I did when I was 12 and a Michael Jackson video came on TV! On Tuesday, the Ronald Mc Donald house gave us tickets to Disney, and we took Madison to Magic Kingdom for a few hours. Everyone has been so kind to us, we are amazed at all the little (and BIG) ways in which God continues to provide for us.

The wonderful support of friends, family, and strangers is evidence of God's provision and care of us. We are so blessed. Thank you!!!

Much Love,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny & Baby Kyle
Thanks so much for the pictures, they are great. I can't believe all the hair he has in those two pictures yesterday.He is just a miracle from God is all you can say.

Now to see you holding him is so good. I know how we felt the first time we got to hold my granddaughter, it is right, it is very scary, but such a good feeling when you get them in your arms.I thank the Lord every day for watching over him and you also and He is going to bring you all thru this, it may take a while, but the Lord will be right by your side all the way.I to wish Joe and Madison could of been there today, but they can have the pictures any way to look at him in mommy's arms.That will mean alot to them I'm sure.

You said your Mom was coming down tomorrow (Friday) give her my love. Hope you all have a great time together.

Take care and keep those letters and pictures coming, I love to get them and sent them on to my sisters.

Just remember..JESUS LOVES YOU,KYLE, JOE AND MADISON..and He will take care of you all.

I love you also and pray for you all the time. Aunt Sandra

Anonymous said...

So glad you have had an opportunity to hold Kyle. What a wonderful miracle. We continue to pray for Kyle as we do the rest of your family. When Madison settles in a little at home, she has a place to come play when she wants. Glad you had this time together as a family.

The McCullough's

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer, What at thrill to view pictures of you holding your infant son. It made me feel so elated for you. I cannot imagine its' impact on you and especially on Kyle. It is extraordinary all that is understood and which has been accomplished in terms of extending precious care to these tiny babies.
Praying extra hard today for your specific requests....Laura

Colleen said...

Hi Jennifer. You, Joe, Madison and Kyle have been and will continue to be in our daily thoughts and prayers. Mackenzie and Luke are enjoying praying for you and have so many questions about little Kyle. I have been filling them in from the information on your blog. Thanks for setting this up for all of us.

I am so glad to hear you were able to finally hold Kyle and spend some some fun time with Madison.

Again, you're in our thoughts.


Lacey said...

Dear Jennifer,

It has been a long time and I hope that while reading this, it brings a smile to your face. I continue to pray for your family. And that Kyle's strength will continue to grow as strong as your faith.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny and Kyle
I work with your mom and grandma and she is so proud of you and how you have been handling being away from home. I really enjoy reading about you and Kyle. I have such a wonderful feeling about the progress of Kyle. He is so strong and has a determination to be here with you and your family.
I know of another premature birth similar to yours, Jake was 1lb 5oz when he was born. Today he is about 7 or 8 and you would never know he was so small. He is in school with no problems, driving his mom and dad crazy like any grade schooler. I am so glad to see you keeping the faith, it will help you in all ways.
God Bless You and Your Whole Family

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Joe, and Madison,

Thank you so much for the updates, the pictures are so precious! It's wonderful you were able to hold Kyle for so long. 15 yrs ago Kangeroo care was just coming out and parents could hold their child for about 15". I can't imagine how difficult this is going thru it alone especially when you got to hold him. Try to focus on the positive, Kyle didn't even have a grade 1 IVH-that's a miracle!! If He's able to keep all of those tiny brain vessels intact then He can certainly close a ductus. I pray he won't need surgery and that he can begin to feed and grow. Just know that we as a family are praying for you daily. Your faith thru all of this has trully been inspiring.
The Furlongs