Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 31, 2007

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

Yesterday was a pretty quiet one for Kyle, considering he is still fighting his Pneumonia. Thankfully, the culture from his spinal tap is still coming back negative, but the doctors will wait 72 hours before they officially declare he does not have meningitis. Kyle's oxygen levels are up a little, and have been between 40% and 45% today. Joe and I were discussing how frustrating it has been that when Kyle was first born he was only requiring 21% oxygen, but as he grows instead of getting stronger his needs seem to have increased. As we thought about it more, we started realizing that the last two weeks have been pretty traumatic for Kyle. In addition to all the normal challenges of being a preemie, in the last 15 days Kyle has also endured having heart surgery and two bouts with pneumonia. As his mommy, I feel so frustrated and wish that I could take away the pain he is feeling.

Madison and I have been keeping busy this week. Since it is Spring Break, we have been fortunate to know several families visiting Orlando for the week. In the top picture, our little jock in training is wearing a Nike "headband" which was a gift from the owner, Denny, of the investment firm I work for. He came to visit Kyle earlier in the week and brought him some adorable Nike stuff. The headband is actually meant to be a wrist band for adults but fits Kyle perfectly as a headband! Yesterday, Madison spent the afternoon swimming with her friend Sydney from school. After swimming, I took Madison and Sydney to dinner and Downtown Disney. Madison had a great time, and again it was fun for her to experience Downtown Disney with someone other than "just" mom. We didn't get home until midnight, which is why I wasn't able to post last night.

Only a God whose “thoughts are not our thoughts and ways are not our ways” could have seen and known all that was going to take place over the last 6 weeks, but God Most High is sovereign and while we sometimes can’t understand His ways, we know that He is eternal and had planned each and every moment in time and we can rest in the fact that He was, He is, and He always will be in control.

In Christ,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, The picture of Kyle sporting the headband is BEAUTIFUL. He looks content and peaceful and healthy. His coloring looks great in that shot, too. The headband is an adorable idea. Some day he will enjoy that you that captured that moment.
I know you will miss Madison when she returns to Ohio but what a wonderful week the two of you have had considering all the other stresses.
May you feel God's special presence as Easter approaches. Laura

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifier, Madison,Kyle & Joe

It was so good to hear from you today and glad for the good reports you have gotten so far about Kyle's test.I feel he is going to be fine, he has went thru so much, but one thing about it he will never remember any of it, but you will for ever.

The band on his head is so cute. that is a wonderful picture of him, he looks so alert and like he has grown so very much. My little granddaughter that was premature also, her daddy put his wedding band all the way up on her arm as far as it could go,as her little arm was so very tiny just like Kyle's is I bet, and she is amazed to see that picture now. You would never know she weighted 2 pounds now, as she is really overweight now. So Kyle will come out of this and be big and strong one day playing football or basket ball I bet. He seems to be a real fighter and that is really good.

The picture of Madison and her friend is also very good, she looks like such a sweet little girl and I am so glad she got to come spend time with you and baby Kyle for her spring break.I know you will miss her and hate to see her leave, but won't be long till school will be out and you can see her again soon.

Well Jennifier keep those pictures coming, they are so good and I print them and send them to my sisters also.I call Jean the minute I get your letter and read it to her and send the letter to my other sister on her WEBTV, they are so anxious to hear from you just as I am. We are all praying for you and love you very much.

You take care and try and get some rest for yourself, as you have been going, going, going it sounds like her lately.I know you have had a good time and was good for you to get away a little also.

Will be praying all the rest of the test will be O.K. and I have faith that they will be.

Love & Prayers, Aunt Sandra, Aunt Jean & Aunt Ruth, we all love you

Anonymous said...


Oh my goodness! I had to re-read several times what you wrote... I can't believe you're pregnant again!!! I found myself reading your blog and then waiting for the "April Fools" joke at the end. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wow! I am so very happy for you, Joe, Madison, and Kyle. Our God is SO GOOD! I will specifically pray that you are able to get the much needed rest and relaxation your body will need to help this new miracle of life grow and thrive. I will also continue to pray for Kyle's medical needs as well. Thank you for being so faithful in keeping all of us updated as much as you've been able to do so. Have a wonderful week! Kelley Segedy