Monday, March 26, 2007

March 25, 2007

"God is our refuge and strength, a tested help in times of trouble." Psalms 46:1

Unfortunately, Kyle's attempt at CPAP yesterday didn't go to well. He lasted for about an hour on CPAP, then was put back on the ventilator. The other times he went on CPAP, he was taken off because he was having Apnea spells - where he "forgets" to breath. This time he was breathing steadily, however, his lungs just were not strong to support breathing for very long. The oxygen level in his blood is constantly monitored and it kept getting lower and lower while Kyle was on CPAP. The doctors will let him rest and try and again in a week or so. Please pray for his lungs to continue to heal and get stronger.

Kyle's feedings are up to 15 cc's (3 teaspoons) of milk every three hours, which is the maximum allowed for his weight. Because of this, they were able to take out Kyle's IV today. Praise the Lord! We are very fortunate that Kyle's feedings are going so well...many babies his size have severe stomach problems because their digestive systems are just to immature to process their feedings.

I have been able to get away from the hospital the last couple of days to enjoy some activities with Madison as well as some friends from Ohio. The Crosier's are in town for Spring Break. On Friday, Madison's best friend Reese spent the night with us at the Ronald Mc Donald House. Yesterday, we all went to Disney's Magic Kingdom together. Madison had a blast! She is used to going to Disney with "just" Mom and go with her friends was such a treat for her. Afterwards, Madison spent the night with Crosier's at their hotel and I was able to spend some quality time with Kyle at the hospital. I was even able to Kangaroo with Kyle for a few hours this morning!!!

As always, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We have truly felt God holding us in the palm of his hand throughout these challenging times.

Much Love,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, It sounds as though you are getting much needed rest, relaxation and some healthy diversion. And, how wonderful for Madison to have her best friend in town to spend the day with allowing you an opportunity to Kangaroo with Kyle---you were concerned you would not get to do this with Madison in the vicinity and once again, God provided. It also sounds as though Kyle is realizing the maximum nutrition and growth opportunities his little body can handle. That must be very reassuring and, hopefully, bodes well for the further development of his lungs.
May your week be filled with experiencing special excursions with Madison and receiving wonderful reports on Kyle's progress. Laura

Pam Hunt said...

Hi Jennifer,
I am so glad it is spring break and Madison can enjoy the week with a friend at Disney! Kyle sounds like he is responding to his body's need to grow. What a wonderful blessing to know that he is eating well. We are keeping you all in our prayers and continue to hope for precious little milestones along the way. God's time is so different from ours. Rest in His love and faithfulness as each day passes. I love the pictures you post! The Children's Ministry staff are watching him grow from afar!
In All His Love,
Pam Hunt,
Hudson Community Chapel