Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 3, 2007

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

This morning I was awaken by Kyle's nurse practitioner, and the first words out of her mouth were, "This is not a good call." Apparently Kyle had a rough night. First, sometime after midnight he began having many Apnea spells (after he had made it on the CPAC for about 12 hours without any trouble). Kyle was going 15-20 seconds without breathing and the nurses were really having to nudge him to get him to take a breath. They were also having trouble with his blood sugar. Normal range is anywhere from 80 to 160 - over 180 they become concerned. Kyle's was checked each hour and was consistently in the low 200's...213, 218, 215. In addition, he just did not look right to the nurses, he was very listless where normally he is quite feisty.

As a result of the above, a Complete Blood Count (CBC) was ordered. This is a lab test that measures red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and is often the first indicator of possible infection. Unfortunately, Kyle's came back abnormal. This, along with the other symptoms Kyle is displaying, have lead them to believe that he may have an infection. Although infections in preemies are very common because their little immune systems have not developed yet, they can also be very serious. A blood culture was ordered, but it takes 72 hours for the results. Thankfully, the doctors are very proactive in their treatment and have already began giving Kyle two types of antibiotics. Until they know otherwise, they are going to treat him as if he has an infection.

Kyle received another blood transfusion this morning, again using Joe's blood. The doctors said that this should also help fight the infection. Kyle was put back on the ventilator and they have decided against him resuming feedings. If he does have an infection, he will need all his strength to fight it, and the doctors do not feel that it is the right time to introduce any other possible complications. On a positive note, Kyle has gained a little weight and is now up to 1 lb. 4oz. Also, his blood sugar has been much better throughout the day and was down to 152 during his last test this afternoon.

It seems that we take one step forward and two steps back. We are trying to remain hopeful, and know that whatever happens, Kyle is in the best hands possible: God's.

Much Love,
Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle

P.S. The picture above is of my mom and baby Kyle. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Sister! I love you! You are doing great! We are praying for you and Kyle. I have faith in both of you. As mom and day would say "I am so proud of you". I truly am proud of you, Joe and Madison as well as little Kyle. I love you.


Dawn, Mike, Rose & Dylan

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,
It is so good to get your updates and pictures! I know this is so hard for you, but it sounds as if Kyle is a fighter. I was so glad to hear the results of the brain ultrasound and that the PDA is closing. These are great signs that he is strong! I hope he fights the infection quickly. It is okay that he is on the ventilator. This gives him a chance to rest and mature. I am praying for you and Kyle daily. My love is with you all.
Aunt Kathie

Aunt Karen said...

Dear Jennifer, Joe and Madison,
Last Sunday I went forward to stand in for Kyle for special prayer by one of our church's prayer partners. Turns out the man who prayed with me had a preemie granddaughter about a year ago, and it was touch-and-go for a while for her. He had a real heart for what you are going through. God heard those prayers, and the prayers of many others, and gave us all increased hope this week. He continues to see all of Kyle's needs, and we will trust God to do what is best for him. It was good that your mother was there with you when you got the disappointing news this morning, but even after she returns home, remember you are God's child, so never alone. Thank you for the pictures. We really do treasure them.
Love you,
Aunt Karen

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