Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kyle's 1st Haircut...

Our little mophead was long overdue for a haircut! I took him to this really cute salon, Snip-It's, that is designed just for kids. Kyle did great and didn't cry at all. He was just a little annoyed that the lady cutting his hair would not let him play with her scissors.


And After...

Doesn't he look so handsome? He is growing up so fast! Speaking of which, I have TONS of updates for you all, which I promise to post tomorrow. You won't believe what our little guy has been up to.

Much Love,
Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


OHmommy said...

Is that the "snip its' in Hudson?

I am really close to Stow. Wowzers!

Cute blog.

Rylee Davis said...

My mommy showed me your pictures today and wow you sure are handsome (well I have always known that but it gets better with every picture). I love your new haircut. It will be a long time before I get one. I still have just a little hair. I can't wait to read the new update and see everything you are doing. I bet you are crawling all over the place now. I am and I love to pull myself up on everything. Well I have to help my mommy get ready for her surgery tomorrow but I will check back in a few days once she can get on the computer again. Please tell Madison that I said hi.
I love you Kyle!!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sandra say's

HOW CUTE KYLE IS WITH HIS NEW HAIR CUT. I can't wait to see more pictures, I love getting them.

You all have a great day and enjoy every minute of it with your family.

Love & prayers, Aunt Sandra

Kupiec Baby Blog said...

Yes OH Mommy, it is the Hudson Snip-Its. :)

Based on some of your blog postings, I wondered if you might be in Northeast Ohio...There aren't many places where people actually celebrate when the temp outside hits 50 degrees in March!

Nan said...

How handsome! He just went from baby to boy! Enjoyed catching up on your journey...found you from Nate's blog.