Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30, 2007

"The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms." Deuteronomy 33:27(NIV)

The past couple of days have just been so so for Kyle. On Saturday his blood pressure was high, and we thought that it had been due to the stress of moving rooms. However, his blood pressure has continued to trend up since then so the doctors began running some tests today. They said it could be nothing, or it could be something with his kidneys. Because of this, they took a urnine sample and did a kidney ultrasound. We should have the results tomorrow.

In addition to the high blood pressure, Kyle's oxygen requirements have gone up a little since Saturday. Kyle had been requiring anywhere from 23% - 25% oxygen for the past couple weeks, but since Saturday he has not tolerated anything under 30% very well. The doctors say this may be another sign that his body is under some sort of stress.

Kyle is still taking two bottles a day. He usually finishes one bottle completely, his second bottle however has been a different story. We won't move up to three bottles a day until he finishes the two he is already given. Which is no big deal, at least now we know he can suck, swallow and breathe at the same time. That has been a big accomplishment for Kyle!

Joe and I are swapping places for a week. I flew home early this morning and Joe leaves for Orlando tomorrow morning. It is so hard for me to be away from Kyle...especially now that he is so much more aware of his surroundings. Fortuneately, he is in great hands at the hospital. It is shocking to me, but some of the babies do not have visitors. The nurses take great care of the babies, but are not able to spend time just loving on them. There are volunteers, called Cuddlers, that come to the hospital to just hold and cuddle with the preemies that do not receive much attention from mom or dad. When I heard this, I instantly thought of my Aunt Sandra. While I have never had the pleasure of meeting her before, from the posts she leaves on the blog, she sounds like she would be the perfect person for such a job! Anyways, since Joe and I were not able to be with Kyle today, I contacted the Cuddlers group and they were going to visit Kyle and spend some time holding him.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you once again for all of the thoughts and prayers over the last few months. Your love and support have meant the world to us!

God Bless You,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone
Jennifier I know you hate to leave Kyle, but know he will be in good hands at the hospital and then with daddy, he will get the chance to spoil him a little bit.It is really sad to think of babies not having there parents with them, thats how it was when my granddaughter was in there for almost 3 months. People live right in town and wouldn't come to see there babies, sad to think about and we were like you all, we were there all the time.I can't believe people sometimes, just wonder how there taken care of when they get to go home. Thanks Jennifier for the comment that I would make a good cuddler, I have alway loved babies and still do and that job would suit me to a tee, I might even check into it. I have alway wanted to work in a nursery at the hospital when I was younger, but never got to, but really might see if they have anything like that here at our hospital. I am hoping this fall Jean and I will get to come visit you all in Ohio and get to meet you.I sure used to cuddle your mom, Dawn and A.C. when they were little and loved every minute of it. That was the good old days.

Well glad Kyle is taking his bottles good and he will inprove everyday drinking I'm sure. I hope it is just his new room and all the noise that has him a little stressed out, you know he has been by hisself so far and that makes a big difference being with all the noise.I will be praying all his test will come back good. He has been doing so good and growing so good, daddy won't know him, bet he will be surprised to see him now. Pictures are good, but nothing like seeing him in person of cource.

Jennifier you get some rest and enjoy being home for a few days and enjoy being with Madison. I will be praying for you all. I love you all.

Love In Christ, Aunt Sandra

Annie said...

I always found it so sad that some families don't come to see their baby's. Julie has been in the hospital so many times and it never seems to fail - no one comes to see them. Sometimes they don't even get their meals because the nurses are unable to take the time to feed them.

I hope things will go well for Kyle. I know the frustration -- one step forward - two steps back. Maybe he just wants that private room back.

He is so cute.