Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Kyle's Room


I wanted to show you what Mommy did last week while she was home. We can't wait for you to come home!!!!


Mommy, Daddy and Madison


Anonymous said...


Kyle looks wonderful!! This has been such a long hall for you guys but now you can see a beautiful light(more like a rainbow) at the end of this tunnel. The nursery looks beautiful! I'll be praying that he'll get weaned quickly from c-pap so he can get on the nasal cannula. I'm guessing now that he's on bolus feedings? The "suck-swallow-breathe" coordination usually takes place around 34 wks so hopefully when he's weaned to the cannula they will try him on a bottle! Thanks for you faithful updates. He has come so far, PRAISE GOD!!!!


Aunt Karen said...

Dearest Kyle,

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I pray that as you grow into a young man, you will always know the assurance of their unconditional love. If ever you doubt it, please go back to read your Mommy and Daddy's entries about your early days. I know their love will only grow as the years go by.

You will surely enjoy your exciting new room. We are so happy to know you will soon be in your own home. Your Mommy sure got a lot accomplished in the few days she was home.

Wish I could hold you and plant a kiss on your little cheek. We will be in Akron in June, so maybe my wish will come true then.

We love you,

Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

WOW Jennifer.....Kyle's room is WONDERFUL: a boy's paradise filled with adventure and stimulation and warmth. You got a lot accomplished during your week in Ohio which is a demonstration of your determination to welcome him home. Kyle is loved and blessed!!!
The prayers continue.....Laura