Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 16, 2007

"This is the Lord's doing, it is marvelous in our eyes." Psalm 118:23

Kyle turned three months old yesterday! In some ways it hardly seems like three months could have passed since his birth, and in other ways it's been an eternity. Lots of worry and stress, lots of waiting, and, the most difficult thing of all, lots and lots of uncertainty. But, all along it has been in God's competent hands. He has taken our pain and our doubt and brought it all together for good!

Kyle is still on the nasal cannula and doing fabulous. I think we are finally over the worry of whether or not he will go back on CPAP. The doctors must be confident as well, as they have moved his feeding tube from his intestines to his stomach (we were told they would not do this until he was stable and going strong on nasal cannula). As long as he tolerates this okay, the next step will be to move him from continuous feeds to bolus feeds. Currently he is fed 12 cc's of milk through his feeding tube continuously every hour. When he moves to bolus feedings, Kyle will consume 36 cc's in a specified amount of time, such as a half hour. Much like you or I would eat a whole meal at one sitting. The med team will slowly wean Kyle off the continuous feeds. The continuous feeds are much easier on a baby for a couple of reasons. First, it helps with the reflux (if you remember Kyle had milk in his lungs before because of his reflux) and second, it is harder on the babies lungs to breath when they go from having an empty stomach to a full stomach in a short amount of time. Anyways, it should be about a week to ten days before he is on bolus feeds. At this time, he will be ready to try taking a bottle. I can't wait!

Kyle is 4 pounds 6 ounces today...he has gained 3 pounds since he was born! On Monday, he measured exactly 16 inches, which is 4 1/2 inches "taller" than when he was born. A new addition to his hospital room is a baby swing, which we tried out this afternoon. Kyle seemed to like it, and I loved it! I have been doing some work for the office lately, and the swing will be perfect for me to gaze at him while I am working.

God says, "My angels will always protect you"(Psalm 34:7) and you have all been Kyle's angels. We can not thank you enough for the prayers and support over the last three months.

Much Love,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, These are such cheerful pictures. I had a momentary thought you may have returned with Kyle to Ohio since the surroundings seemed so different! Life if slowly reverting to "normal" in terms of function and in terms of expectation. What an amazing journey this has been for each of you and what a blessing for us who have been invested through prayer. Our hearts will always be connected to this precious little boy.
Thank you for including us. Laura

Breanne Davis said...

I am so glad to see that they left you a surprise in your room. I told child life that Kyle needed one. It is great to see him in his swing. Hopefully he will try the bottle soon. Rylee was still on 1:30 hour feedings when they decided to try her. Just don't be discouraged because it is much harder than we think. One day she will drink almost the whole thing and then the next time she won't. She seems to eat much better for the nurse than me. I have a feeling that Kyle will catch right on to it. All we can do is keep trying. I hope that you have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Family
Boy those pictures of Kyle here lately has really been so good and he is growing so fast now.Well they have all been good, but he is getting to look more like a newborn baby now. He looks like he is really enjoying his swing, I guess that is what he is in on the top picture.Sounds like it won't be long before heading for Ohio and know you will be glad when you get home. Has Joe and Madison left yet? Guess Madison had to go back to school, but it is out here now, don't know when they get out in Ohio.

Jennifier when was your due date to have Kyle? Seems funny he is already 3 months old and you had said he wasn't due yet in a letter a week or two ago. I just wondered.

Well Jennifier you take care of yourself and give our love to Joe and Madison. Just keep those good letters coming on everything new that happens, I look forward to reading them all. We are all still praying all goes well for Kyle and you can return home soon.


Love & Prayers, Aunt Sandra.Aunt Jean & Aunt Ruth

Anonymous said...

Jennifier I have just been sitting here looking at your baby and how sweet he looks. I would just love to pick him up and squeeze him to pieces. He looks so very sweet laying in his swing and he is going to be such a beautiful little baby boy.I know you all can't wait to get him home to show him off to everyone.

I also think God has a very special plan for him, after bringing him thru all he has been thru, He is going to use him for His glory one day. Just stay true to Him and no telling what He has in store for your little one.

Just been waiting to see if we get a letter before I go to bed and thought I would write a note. think and pray for you alway. You sure have a handsome boy and also a very beautiful little girl God has given you.I know you ""THANK HIM EVERY DAY FOR THEM BOTH""

Take care and I am praying for you all, Love you all, Aunt Sandra