Thursday, April 26, 2007


"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

As of 10 pm this evening, Kyle is still doing well on CPAP….Praise God!!

What a crazy morning it turned out to be. Since my plane was departing at 2 pm, I decided to go to the hospital early to kangaroo with Kyle. After only 30 minutes of cuddling, Kyle’s doctor came in and said they were going to try Kyle on NCPAP. The NCPAP has two prongs that extend through the nasal cavity to provide assistance breathing similar to the ventilator, but at a lower rate. At the same time we also learned that Kyle needed a blood transfusion and would be getting 3 immunization shots as well. The bottom 2 pictures above are Kyle after he was extubated, it was the first time we could see his entire face. The top 2 pictures are Kyle’s NCPAP setup. It was a great feeling knowing that the breathing tube was no longer in Kyle’s throat. At the same sense, it was the first time we could hear Kyle cry. It broke my heart hearing him cry (I’m sure in a couple months I’ll have a differing opinion).

When I was leaving the hospital, Kyle was doing well on NCPAP. I guess after a period of time Kyle became aggravated with the long prongs in his nose and began to get angry and was having a difficult time. The doctors decided to take out the NCPAP and put Kyle on the normal CPAP. Kyle tolerated this change very well and continues to do well….Please pray that Kyle will continue to do well on CPAP!!! There is a possibility that if Kyle is stable on the CPAP for or a week or two, we might be able to transport him to Akron Children’s Hospital, a level 3 NICU in Ohio!!!

In Christ Alone,

Joe, Jennifer, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer, Joe and Madison,
I am so thankful Kyle has done well so far with his extubation. What an adorable little face! We have all fallen in love with him! I continue to pray that he is strong enough to stay on CPAP. I hope you get some time together before switching caregivers for Kyle again. You are doing an awesome job! Much love,
Aunt Kathie

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Joe, & Madison,
What a cutie!It's so nice to see Kyle's face- We continue to keep you all in our prayers. We hope all goes well with the CPAP.It would be so nice if you were able to transport Kyle back to Ohio- although I know he would be greatly missed by his Dr's & nurses here in Florida- Stay strong-God Bless You all. Kristie, Michael, Kaitlyn & John Michael -friends from the RMH :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a change in events! We will definitely be praying Kyle does well on the CPAP. It must be so much more comfortable for him to be free of the ventilator and what a significant milestone to have achieved. The possibility of returning to Ohio with him must be encouraging (though a little frightening) as well. Laura

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe, Jenny, Madison & Kyle

Couldn't hardly wait to get this report on how Kyle was doing and it is so good he got to get off that ventilator. He looks so big and so sweet laying there. I know you all are so excited and then thinking you might get to take him back to Ohio soon is even much better.I hope and pray he will continue to do good and all will start going better for him, he has sure been thru enough to be just 9 weeks old, poor baby.I know it breaks your heart to when you have to see him hurting so much, one thing he will never remember any of it and thats good.

Well we will all keep praying and it won't be no time till your all together as a family and that will be great. Like you said ""WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"" You all take care and we will all be praying for you. We love you all.

In His Love,Aunt Sandra, Aunt Jean & Aunt Ruth

Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful to hear how well Kyle is doing on the CPAP! I will be praying for him to continue as long as needed so you can get your family back to OHIO. You have such a beautiful little boy! What a journey God has taken all of you on! You have been so faithful and trusting in our Father. You are an encouragement and a blessing to the His kingdom :)
Pam Hunt

Anonymous said...

Wow...I love his chubby cheeks!

I never thought I would "wish" the Akron Children's NICU on anyone. However, that would be so wonderful for Kyle and your entire family. We had an amazing experience there this past summer with our little guy's relatively short stay. Hopefully it won't be long before you all can experience the wonderful doctors and nurses that Akron Children's has to offer!

You all are in our thoughts and prayers many times throughout each day. We are praying that Kyle continues his success with CPAP!

much love,
Kara Lewis & family