Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 9, 2007

"Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. " Mark 11:24

Kyle's oxygen levels have improved over the last couple days and consistently hover in the high 30's/low 40's. He is still receiving 2 different antibiotics via IV, until the doctors can rule out an infection or pin-point the specific infection that Kyle has. As of now, the blood and urine cultures that were done on Saturday are still coming back negative, however, they wait 72 hours before officially ruling that he does not have an infection.

We are specifically praying that the cultures are negative and especially that this will enable him to get off his IV meds. Poor Kyle has had a rough time with the IV lately. His veins are so tiny and delicate, the nurses have trouble getting the IV inserted correctly in the first place and always have to do a couple pricks until it is up and running. To make it worst, his vein usually blows with-in about 12 hours and they need to start all over again. Kyle needed a blood transfusion today, and the plan was that Joe would Kangaroo with Kyle during the transfusion. Unfortunately, about a half hour into their time together, Kyle's vein went bad and the nurses had to put Kyle back into his isolette. Joe was pretty bummed, especially because he does not get the chance to hold Kyle very often.

We had a wonderful Easter and were able to get away from the hospital for a little while. We attended a Sunrise Easter Service yesterday morning at Sea World, it was a beautiful service, although the weather was a chilly 51 degrees. I probably shouldn't complain, I hear Ohio was hit pretty good with snow...instead of a white Christmas this year, sounds like it was a white Easter! After the service, we went to the hospital to spend time with Kyle. Madison had wrote the Easter bunny a letter to let him know I had the baby early, she wanted to make sure Kyle received an Easter basket. The bunny must have got her letter, because Kyle had a basket full of goodies there when we arrived. One of the nurses made little bunny ears for Kyle and attached them to his hat. He looked so adorable!

After we left the hospital, we drove to Melbourne, Florida, which is on the east coast about an hour from Orlando. My aunt and uncle have a 53 foot Hatteras Yacht they keep docked in Miami over the winter. They are in the process of taking the boat up the coast, and lucky for us, were docked in Melbourne over the weekend. We had a nice dinner and then spent a leisurely day sailing. At one point, dolphins were chasing our boat...Madison said this was the highlight of her trips to Florida, even better than Disney. My Great Aunt Jean, whom before yesterday I had never met, lives in Melbourne and also spent the day with us. It was wonderful to meet her, and we all instantly loved her. Since Kyle has been born, Aunt Jean and her sisters have been amongst Kyle's biggest cheerleaders. The Lord is amazing, despite the difficult times we are going through, he is also showering us with unexpected blessings, such as being reunited with long lost family.

Happy Easter to you all!

Much Love,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jennifer. The news continues to be more favorable than not which shows steady improvement in Kyle's condition---Have you look back over the first entries you made?---you will be encouraged by reading and comparing the magnitude of the concerns and challenges faced and being reminded of the achievements made.
The BUNNY EARS look adorable. Kyle will treasure that shot when he is older.
I have very dear friends in Melbourne---Bill is the pastor of a Presbyterian church there. I have never been but am glad you had the opportunity to relax and enjoy some diversion with Joe and Madison.
Hope you get to kangaroo today! Laura

Anonymous said...


Glad you all had a good Easter weekend even though you had to be away from home.Looks like you enjoyed your boat ride and it was so good to get away for a day. Jenny you have been under so much stress that it was really good for you.Glad Joe and Madison got to be with you also.

My sister had a great time and enjoyed every minute she had with you all.She also fell in love with each of you and she said you all made her feel so at home. Thanks so much as it was good for her to get away also.

Glad Kyle is doing better, hope they can get that infection cleared up soon, poor thing he has been thru so much in his 7 weeks he has been here. He is looking so much bigger every time I see him and waiting to see some birthday pictures tonight I hope.

Know you will be sad when Joe and Madison leaves, but it won't be long till you all can be together again soon. Praying they have a good and safe trip home tonight.

You take care and have a good night and get some rest so you can care for baby Kyle a lot tomorrow I hope. I love you all and pray for you every day all day long.

Love In Christ, Aunt Sandra