Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1-2

Sorry I did not post yesterday. I had every intention of doing so, but I took Joe and Madison to the airport last night and stopped at the hospital afterwards. I was so bummed to see Madison and Joe go, but Kyle cheered me up by Kangarooing with me until almost 1 in the morning. After that, I was just to tired to write anything.

Kyle has had a great weight gain the last couple of days...he is now up to 2 pounds 10 ounces! That's the good news...the bad news is that Kyle's culture is growing something, confirming that he does have yet another infection. This is his third infection in as many weeks. On Saturday, when they first suspected Kyle may have an infection they started him on 2 different general antibiotics that usually cover most infections...hoping to get a head start on treating the infection while we waited on the results from the culture. Unfortunately, once it was discovered yesterday what organism was growing, they had to change his medication. The antibiotics they were given him aren't ones that covered the particular infection that Kyle has. The little veins in his arms and legs are shot, so they had to place an IV in his head to administer his medication. The nurse assures me this is not any more painful for Kyle than having an IV in his arm, but it just looks so uncomfortable to me.

Kyle had the opportunity to meet his Aunt Lynn and Uncle Bob on Monday night. They were heading to their condo in Daytona, and stopped in Orlando on their way too see Kyle. It has been so nice for us to have the opportunity to see family and friends lately. We are very fortunate that we choose Orlando for our family vacation this year. Last year we went to Hawaii and prior to that we were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Just think if my water had broke in either one of those places!

Kyle turned 7 weeks yesterday, but I did not have a chance to take pictures. I will post some later today.

God Bless You,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Annie said...

I went back and read all of your blog pages. It's amazing that you take the time to keep everyone up to date on what is going on.

Reading this puts me back to when Julie had her open heart surgery when she was 5 months old. I had to stay at the hospital during the week and came home on weekends. Jeff & Wendy were just 3 & 4 then.

I can certainly sympathize with you. I can remember all those bad days and an occasional good day.

Julie had the IV in her head. They said it didn't hurt her. I know it was difficult to look at.

It's great the way the medical team keeps the parents informed. You certainly learn a lot.

I will keep praying for all of you, especially that precious baby Kyle.