Wednesday, April 4, 2007

April 3, 2007

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem." Isiah 66:13

Kyle, as expected, had a blood transfusion early this morning. In addition, his MD team decided to put him on pump feedings over an hour instead of feeding him the full amount at once every 3 hours. Either method gives him the same amount of milk, but the pump feeding spreads it out over an hour rather than filling his tummy all at once. The doctors are hoping this will help his lungs some, as filling his tummy full all at once gives them a bit of a workout. Kyle is still on IV antibiotics to fight the pneumonia. He has had a heck of a time keeping his veins open for more than 12 hours at a time. He’s been quite a pin cushion—his poor little arms and feet need a break! Once he’s finished the antibiotics, which will be Friday, he can get rid of the IV.

Kyle is six weeks old today and we celebrated the occasion by Kangarooing for a few hours this afternoon. As always, I am posting his straw pictures to mark his weekly growth. In the bottom picture, you'll notice he is holding the straw. Kyle apparently decided he would rather use the straw as a toy and picked it up while I was taking the picture. He has become so much more alert over the last week, and has his eyes open many times now throughout the day. Last night, he was even wide awake for about half an hour! That doesn't sound like much time, but previously he never kept his eyes open for more than a couple minutes at a time. The nurses have all been commenting on what beautiful, big eyes he has...and he has the longest lashes! When he was born, his eyes were a blue grey color, but they have begun to darken and now have a hint of brown. I think he is going to have brown eyes like Daddy!

Please continue to pray for Kyle's health - especially this little lungs!

In His Love,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, It is good to see pictures of Kyle alert and of him grabbing the straw. They both make him appear so responsive and aware of his surroundings. And, you are exceedingly in tune with every area of progress. Each milestone /new achievement must make you more hopeful and appreciative of what has been realized thus far. I am encouraged by and grateful for the reports though I also realize there are many hurdles still to be conquered.
Through your documentation I feel as if I know this precious little boy and it makes me even more committed to praying for him. Thank you for the privilege. Laura

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny & family
Thanks so much for all the pictures you send on this BLOG, they are so good and I print them all out and send them to my sisters. I love the one today of him laying there with his eyes open wide, he looks like he has grown so very much. Also the one of you holding him yesterday is great with his eyes open and like you said he was looking for his mommy, that was so sweet.

Have they measured him lately to see how long he is now? To me he looks like he is really alot longer. Let us all know how long he is the next time they weigh and measure him. I would love to know.

Jenny you are doing such a great job keeping us all informed about everything that is going on with baby Kyle,and I really appreciate it so very much. I have kept up with this everyday, or I should say several times a day I check to see if you had wrote a new message.Keep up the good work, as I know others love to read about him to everyday.

I'm glad you are going to get to see Joe and Madison again this week, as I know you miss them so much. Maybe it won't be to long till you will be able to take baby Kyle back to Ohio, that is if he keeps gaining weight and get off of that breathing machine soon.Thats what I am praying about now for him to be able to breath on his own.He is going to be a fighter looks like and that is good.

Well you take care and we will be praying for you all and expecially baby Kyle. Have a great time when you all get together this weekend. May God bless you all extra special as you live for Him.


Love & Prayers, Aunt Sandra,Aunt Jean & Aunt Ruth

Breanne Davis said...

Jennifer, you know that Rylee and I say a prayer for you and Kyle everynight. Rylee prays that she can see her little boyfriend again soon. I hope that Kyle continues to fight his infection. It has been great getting to know you in the NICU and I have enjoyed talking to you.

Anonymous said...


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