Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 15, 2007

"The people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light; Upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone. You have brought them abundant joy and great rejoicing." Isaiah 9:1-2 was a great day! Because of his oxygen levels, I have not been allowed to Kangaroo with Kyle the last couple days. This morning his oxygen was still around 60%, but his nurse said I could try Kangarooing Kyle, with the understanding that if he got any worse, we'd have to put him back in his isolette. Kyle did so well, that over the five hours I was holding him, they were even able to gradually wean his oxygen down to 50%. In addition, Kyle did not have any desaturations while I was holding him. Desats are when an alarm goes off letting his med team know there is a sudden drop in Kyle's blood oxygen level, which is detected by a pulse oximeter (a monitor that shines a red light through a hand or foot to determine the amount of oxygen in the blood). While Kyle has always had these desats, the last few days Kyle has been having a lot more than normal. To curb them, he has always been given a daily dose of caffeine. (Ironically, I spent my pregnancy trying to avoid caffeine, then I have the baby, and they use caffeine to improve his breathing!) This week they increased his caffeine, and it seems to finally started helping today.

Another piece of good news...Kyle hit three pounds tonight! Our little guy is growing so fast, he now weighs 3 pounds 1 ounce!!! He has looked a little puffy today, so the nurse warned that some of the gain may just be water weight, but for now at least he weighs 3 pounds.

I miss Joe and Madison so much. Please keep Madison in your prayers also. This whole situation is difficult for her. We love you all very much!

In Christ,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Aunt Karen said...

Dear Jennifer, Joe and Madison,
I love the picture of Kyle today, with his little hand on his head. He really is looking healthier all the time. Despite the higher-than-desired oxygen levels recently, he has come so very far, and we have faith that his future is bright. Your nurturing and God's healing power improved his oxygen levels today, and God gave you another thing to celebrate.

Have you had the opportunity to view the movie Facing the Giants? It is a powerful reminder of the power of prayer and faith, and the fact that nothing is impossible with God. It revolves around football, but shares life lessons we all need to hear. Little Kyle is displaying that "never give up" attitude so early in his life. And with your faith and his determination, there is no limit to what God will do in all of your lives.

Madison, I know you miss your Mommy. You have been such a wonderful big sister and so brave, and everyone who receives your Mommy and Daddy's blogs can see how very proud they are of you. You are a beautiful example of God's love, and many people have been blessed to witness your caring spirit. I know it seems like a long time, but just keep believing that your parents are doing everything possible to reunite you all in Ohio as soon as possible.
God bless you all,
Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jenny, Joe & Madison
I to love the picture of Kyle with his hand on his head, he looks so sweet and getting so big. Can't believe he already weighs 3 pounds, when he started to grow he meant business. It won't be long till you will be Ohio bound, if only they could get him off that ventilator and I hope it will be very soon. that is what we are all praying for so you can go back home and be with Joe and Madison, I know they both miss you very much.I think he is on the road to recovery since he has started to gain weight so good lately.

Madison you have to help take good care of Daddy while Mommy is gone. All Daddy's need someone to take care of them and you will have to help take care of him while mommy is gone.It won't be long till school is out and maybe you can come stay with mommy then.You are going to be a great big sister I think and Kyle will love you to death.

Well you all take care and we are all praying for you. GOD ANSWERS PRAYER, WE ALREADY KNOW THAT FROM WHAT HE HAS ALREADY DONE IN KYLE'S LIFE.

PRAYING FOR YOU, Aunt Sandra, Aunt Ruth & Aunt Jean

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Jennifer. I, too, think Kyle looks adorable ---either preparing for cell phone usage or asking folks to keep the noise down so he can sleep! He does seem to respond to your nurturing embrace!
I am certain this is a confusing and sometimes frightening period for Madison but in the long run she will know how much Joe and you love her by your demonstration of devotion to Kyle.....sacrificial love is potent. It is what Jesus did for us and Madison will soon understand the benefits.
The four pound milestone will be here before you know it! Laura

Annie said...

That little guy has so much fight in him. He doesn't even know what is happenning in his little life. His color seems to be better in the last couple of pictures. I just love his little hands. He is so precious.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love the picture today, it does show Kyle's profile and you can really see the weight gain. Praise God!
I think Kyle looks like you did as a newborn. You also had such long fingers and the dark hair and I am telling you it is the same profile!
You were the most beautiful baby to me, a perfect gift of love from God. Just as Kyle is to you.
I pray for lung strength and continued growth for Kyle. I pray for you to be strong in your faith, knowing you are doing the right thing nurturing Kyle daily.
Take care of yourself as best you can. You need your rest, too!
You, Kyle, Joe and Madison are in my prayers daily,
Love Mom