Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16, 2007

"I will turn their mourning into gladness: I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow." Jeremiah 31:13

Things are still going great...we have been busy making arrangements for our departure on Monday. Before the preemies are discharged, they must pass a car seat test. The baby sits in his/her car seat and is hooked up to a pulse oximeter that measures the level of oxygen in the babies blood. Apparently the way a baby is positioned in a car seat can be challenging for their breathing. I am pleased to say Kyle received his car seat test yesterday and passed with flying colors.

As you may know, Kyle is going home on a monitor that will alarm if Kyle has an apnea or breadboard spell (where his heart rate drops below 80 or he forgets to breath). Yesterday, I met with the medical company supplying the monitor for training. The alarm, when it sounds, is soooooo loud. It is designed so that you can hear it from anywhere in the home, whether you are awake or asleep... it sounds very similar to a smoke alarm. Thankfully, Kyle only has to wear it while he sleeps.

Doesn't Kyle look cute in his scrubs!?! They were a gift from my friend Breanne. The man holding Kyle is the head neonatologist at the hospital. We thank God everyday for the amazing NICU staff at Orlando Hospital. May God continue to give the NICU staff the strength, courage, understanding, and intelligence to do the wonderful work they do.

Much Love,
Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle,

Praise God that everything continues to go well!

I love the pictures as always. He does look cute in his scrubs. And healthy! Praise God!

I look forward to seeing you and Kyle later this week and am excited to finally HOLD my beautiful grandson.

I have enjoyed reading the blog every day and want to say thank you to the faithful bloggers. Their prayers, insights and encouragements have helped all of us. (on a selfish note, read ME)
Sometimes the comments made by others, especially Laura, Aunt Sandra, and Aunt Karen said what I wanted to say but, they said it much better than I could have. Thank you all for putting yourselves out there.

God has used this trial, you and your family, to bring me back to him as I had become lazy in my faith. Praise God!

Thank you Jennifer for being a great Mom to Kyle and Madison. Your love for your children shines through in your writing.

Today is Fathers' Day.
Thank you JOE for being a great father to Kyle and Madison Your love for your children shines through in your writing.

I didn't see a difference between Joes' and Jennifers' postings on this blog. You two are one with God. That is the best a Mother can hope for her children. A great comfort for me.

Thank you Joe for being a good son to me. I am proud of you and the man you have become. God Bless you.

Love you all,
God Bless,


Anonymous said...

What an "EVE" for your family. We are certainly celebrating with you that you have achieved so much and are on your way home at last! And, yes, I am sure this is the best Father's Day gift for which Joe could have hoped/prayed.
I am praying that you manage to sleep peacefully tonight so you may begin your trip refreshed, that Kyle continues to do really well as he is observed before being officially released, that you are protected in every way possible as you travel & that you not encounter any glitches, that you each remain healthy throughout and that your JOY would continue to radiate outward as well as upward!
To God be the glory, great things He hath done. Laura