Wednesday, June 20, 2007


“There, in the presence of the LORD your God, you and your families shall eat and shall rejoice in everything you have put your hand to, because the LORD your God has blessed you.” Deuteronomy 12:7

After 119 days in the Florida Hospital NICU, Kyle was discharged Monday morning at 11:30 am!! Kyle did great on the ride home and slept most of the trip. We made it to West Virginia Monday night before calling it quits, then back on the road in the morning. We arrived home Tuesday, around 3:00 pm. It was great to cross the Ohio River and even better to be home!!!

Kyle is doing well and happy to be home. Big sister Madison is a HUGE baby hog, and even woke up for Kyle's 4:00 am feeding this morning to help Daddy! Kyle is connected to a portable monitor only when he is sleeping during the night. The monitor checks for Kyle's breathing and heart rate. The only time the alarm has sounded, was a result of a loose connection. We are so proud of Kyle; he made great strides the past 2 weeks since his eye surgery. It is impossible to describe how elated we all are to be home; finally.....the 4 month roller coaster ride has ended. PRAISE GOD!!!

Kyle came home weighing 5 lb 9 ozs and is 19 inches long (@ birth - 1 lb 6 ozs and 11 inches). As Jennifer stated in a previous posting, we will definitely keep updating the blog as frequently as possible. We can never express our gratitude enough, for all of your prayers and encouraging thoughts during this entire experience. Thank you for sharing with us this blessing that the Lord has bestowed on us!

In Christ Alone,
Joe, Jennifer, Madison and Kyle


Anonymous said...

I thought you all were making the trip "home" to Childrens hospital, not actually HOME! This is A*m*a*z*i*n*g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, It was so wonderful to run into Kyle and you at Hudson Chapel while you were picking up Madison. You were beaming and he was so peaceful in his slumber in the stroller. To look at him now no one would possibly guess at all the little guy as well as the rest of you have endured.
Joe thanks for the update since returning home. It has been our privilege to pray for each of you.

Kristie, Michael, Kaitlyn & John Michael said...

Jennifer, Joe, Madison & Kyle,
Welcome Home! So glad your trip went well- we have been constantly checking the blog for the update!- Love the picture of Big Sister giving Kyle a bath!- he looks great!- It's amazing~ may God continue to bless all of you!- We will continue to keep you all in our prayers!
Kristie,Mike, Kaitlyn
& John Michael (RMH)

Aunt Karen said...

Yeah!!!!!!! I feel like screaming like when the Braves (excuse me, Indians) make a home run! What an amazing path you've traveled, and now you have finally realized the dream of being home together. Madison, you are going to be such a wonderful big sister. We look forward to hearing all the ways you and Kyle interact, and we loved the picture of you giving him his first bath at home. Jenny and Joe, you are both amazing, and Madison and Kyle are so blessed to have you. We are so relieved to hear how good Kyle did on the trip, and that his monitor is functioning as a safety net. His lungs are getting stronger every day. Praise God for all His goodness!
Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
I to am glad to hear you all made it home without any problems. I know it must of been kind of scary, but the Lord was watching over you all just like He has been doing in these last 119 days. I know Madison was so happy to have you all home and expecially her little brother. I loved that picture of her giving him a bath also and know she will be such a good help to you taking care of him. Just hope she doesn't get tired of it and keeps up the good job she is doing.

Thanks so much for letting us all know on the BLOG,those that don't live in Ohio,that you got home safe and please send us some pictures along of him in his new house and of the family. I myself love the pictures so much, but also love the stories you all tell about him and the whole family now that your together.

Just enjoy every minute of being together and may God bless each one of you all as you serve Him. Just stay faithful to the Lord and He will supply all your needs. I love you all and hope to hear more real soon.