Sunday, July 1, 2007

July 1, 2007

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that his all-surpassing power is from God and not from us." 2 Corinthians 4:7

It is hard to believe that we have been home for almost two weeks now! It has been great to be home, sleep in our own beds, sit around our table for home cooked meals, laugh and just enjoy being a family - out of the hospital. The time has flown as we have been so busy between doctors appointments, work and catching up with friends and family. I also went back to work last week. It is hard leaving Kyle so soon after arriving home, but my office has been very patient throughout all of this...I have taken five months off already! Fortunately, I am able to return on a part time basis...I am going into the office two days a week and working from home one day a week. The two days a week I am working, Kyle is at home with Daddy and big sis Madison. Today I also returned to teaching Sunday school. I have missed my first grade students so much, it was great to see them!

This past week Kyle had a couple of doctors appointments at Akron Children's Hospital. First, he had a swallow study done in hopes that he was no longer aspirating his milk. If you recall, Kyle's milk was thickened because it was going into his breathing airway when he swallowed. We had hoped that the problem was resolved, but were disappointed to find that it has actually gotten a little worse. To help correct this, the amount of thickener that is added to Kyle's milk was increased by 50%. A downside of this is that it makes it that much harder for Kyle to extract the milk from his bottle. He has to work harder to get his "food" and therefore takes longer to eat and often grows tired so he is not consuming as much. The doctors will keep a close eye on Kyle's weight gain to make sure he is gaining enough. If he is not gaining enough, they will have to put a feeding tube in either Kyle's nose or stomach. Kyle would be allowed to eat as much as he can by mouth and the rest of his food would be given to him through the feeding tube. Kyle has a weigh in at the pediatricians on Tuesday at which time we will know more.

Kyle also met with the retina specialist at Akron Children's Hospital. His right eye looks great, but but unfortunately, his left eye still is showing signs of Stage Three ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). We are still hopeful this will correct itself, but if it does not, the retina specialist said that more laser eye surgery would help. We are praying that it does not come to this but comforted that it is an option if need be.

We have just discovered a new line of clothing for Kyle...Build A Bear clothes!!! Most of the clothes made for preemies are sleepers, and the preemie shorts/pants we have found for Kyle are still to big. The other day I tried some of Madison's Build A Bear clothes on Kyle and they actually fit! The Brown's outfit he is wearing in the above pictures is from Build A Bear. Kind of goofy, but it works. At six pounds, Kyle is still pretty small, at least in relation to a typical newborn. When we are out and about with Kyle, we are constantly asked how old he is, with people assuming he was just born. When we say that he is four and a half months old, they look at us like we are crazy. At first it made me feel uncomfortable, but lately I've looked at it as an opportunity to share God’s faithfulness. To God, who is the master physician, healer and our provider, we give him all the glory for all He has done and continues to do for Kyle.

Much Love,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Breanne & Rylee Davis said...

How adorable. I can't believe how big he seems to be getting. Rylee and I keep Kyle and you in our prayers everyday. We will continue to pray for his eyes and feeding. Please also keep us in your continued prayers as we are working on the same issues. I miss you so much Jennifer, but it sure is great to be home. I was taking out the kids picture today that you gave me and I found Kyle's fathers day present to Joe. I will make sure that I send it up to you so you will have the wonderful arts and crafts project that Kyle made. Rylee is almost in newborns clothes now since she is almost 7 1/2 lbs. I will update you tomorrow on her docs appt. Awwab had surgery Friday on his hernia and seems to be doing well. Faima said she thinks of you often and is always praying for you guys. Take care and I will talk to you soon. Love you guys. Please give Kyle a big huge and kiss from Rylee and I.

Anonymous said...

Dear Family
So glad to get some more pictures and they were so very good. I know you all are so very busy with Kyle, Madison and working, but I thank you so much for taking a few minutes to let us know how things are going, and sending us a few pictures, for them that can't see him in person.

I am so sorry to hear about his bottle feedings and hope this helps him and he doesn't have to have another feeding tube. I will sure be praying for him and also for his eyes to clear up on their own.So many problems in this life, but one day, and don't think it will be long till we will be in heaven and have no sickness, death or any kind of problems like we have down here. That will surely be wonderful.

Glad you got to go back to your Sunday School class and know those kids have really missed you a lot.I used to teach the 3rd grade and I loved it also, little kids are so sweet and as you know I love kids.I have my 8 year old granddaughter with me now and she loves to stay with me when school is out.She is sure a big blessing to me everyday.

Well you all take care and try to enjoy being together. I will be praying for you all and have my church and lots of friends praying for you all to.Just remember God won't put more on us that we are able to stand, so you must be a very good christians and He knows you all can hold out and be a testimony in all of this for Him. I know you have helped lots of people with your life you live before Him and I ""PRAISE GOD FOR YOU ALL""


Anonymous said...