Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 9, 2007

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17

Once again, sorry it has been so long since we've posted an update. Between taking care of a newborn, Kyle's doctor appointments and work, things have been so busy.

This past week Kyle met with his pediatrician and he is now a whopping 6 pounds 8 ounces! Kyle's height and weight is charted on a preemie growth chart. For his adjusted age (which is one month!) Kyle is still small for his size. According to the preemie chart, Kyle is in the 30th percentile for both height and weight, which means that 70% of babies that were born as early as Kyle are now bigger than he is. The pediatrician is not worried, and said as long as Kyle continues to gain weight he'll eventually catch up.

We met with the Retina Specialist and I am happy to report that Kyle's eyes are improving. The specialist is pretty confident that Kyle will not require additional surgery due to his ROP. While his ROP has cleared, the specialist is seeing some blood vessels in the "jelly" portion of Kyle's eyes that are abnormal. There is a slight risk that these vessels could hemorrhage at some point. If this would happen in the near future, it would require another surgery, however, if it occurs later in life the eyes are better equipped to heal themselves should a hemorrhage occur. Anyways, the retina specialist is happy enough with Kyle's progress that we do not have to return for a follow-up visit for two weeks.

Sorry again about the delay in posting. Thank you all for your support and prayers, tears and smiles. Kyle is our little guy, but I know he lives in many of your hearts just the same. One day, I will set down with him and be able to tell him just how loved he really is. We are so blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives.

Much Love,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


Ann said...

Just stumbled across your blog...you have an adorable little baby there and a beautiful family. God bless you all! What a trooper! I went back to the beginning- what a journey- what a sweet little trooper! And the cutest smile! I will continue to keep up with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sandra says
THANKS YOU>>>THANK YOU>>>THANKS YOU>>just like Gomer Pile would say. I loved those pictures so much and he is growing so good I think after all he has gone thru.My greandaughter that weighed 2 pounds when she was born is now over weight, so don't worry he will catch up, but takes a while to get started, but he will grow up sooner than you think.That second pictures is so cute where he is smiling and he is dressed so cute. I bet Madison is so happy to get to take care of him and dress him and all.She looks just like a little mommy in all those pictures.

I am so glad to hear about his eyes also and hope they continute to get better. I hope he is drinking his bottles better, but must be doing something since he is gaining weight.It just seems unreal how good he is doing after all he has gone thru.Bless his little heart.

Thanks again for the news and also the pictures, I don't mean to bug you all, but just wonder everyday when I pray for him how he is doing.You all are on my mind all the time with all you have went thru. Thanks again for taking a few minutes out, as I know you all are so very busy.

Sorry I just can't seem to write a short note, they alway seem to turn into books instead of a note, just to long winded I guess.

You all take care and give Kyle and Madison a big hug and kiss from Aunt Sandra till we (and Aunt Jean) get up there this fall Lord willing. Take care and I love you all. THANKS AGAIN

God Bless you all real good, Aunt Sandra

Breanne and Rylee said...

Yeah I am so glad to hear that news. That is so good. God is really with Kyle. I will make sure that I let Dr. Lugo, Dr. Rawlings and Dr. Barnard know when I see them. They always ask about you guys. I love reading your updates. I miss you guys!!

Diane (Nash) Baston said...

I have so enjoyed reading and watching your journey with Kyle. It is truly a miracle from God that he has grown and thrived and conquered all the obstacles in his way. He is truly a cutie pie. Hope we can have a family reunion and we can see him in person some day.

Kristie, Michael, Kaitlyn & John Michael said...

Great news about Kyles eyes! We will continue to pray for him~ He looks so cute in the pictures~ it's truly amazing how well he is doing- May God continue to bless him- Loved James 1:17, we actually used that on the bookmarks we made for John's Baptism- Thanks for continuing with the updates- we know how busy you all must be but we just love watching Kyle grow!- You said it perfectly- he is in everyones hearts, everyday!-- God Bless you all.
Kristie, Mike, Kaitlyn
& John Michael (RMH)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jennifer and Joe, we do love Kyle and are deeply invested in his young life and will always hold him in our hearts as a precious treasure.
The pictures are wonderful. He looks so alert and as though, despite his still tiny size, he is gaining strength.
How exciting to read that someone had stumbled across the Blog and took the time and opportunity to read the entire contents. Your story continues to impact lives. What a blessing!