Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave or forsake you." Deuteronomy 3:16 NIV

Thanks everyone for the warm wishes left under the comments section! We have received all your messages, but unfortunately do not have a way to respond to you individually as we are only given the name of the person leaving the comment. Anyways, it is really appreciated...I look forward to the messages as it is one of my only links to the "outside world"!

We had a SLIGHT set-back today. I have been on 2 different intravenous antibiotics 4 times a day, however, the last day or so my veins have become very irritated. I was more than willing to tolerate the pain for the sake of the baby, but this afternoon my arm became quite swollen and the doctor discontinued the use of IV drugs...apparently with my veins so irritated the medicine was seeping into my tissue instead of the blood stream. They have switched me to oral medicine and the doctors say this should be sufficient for now.

The only other new news today is that I started physical therapy to help my muscles adjust to not being used. An added bonus of physical therapy is that it also includes a massage. After being on my back for an extended period - a massage was wonderful!!!

We realized my water had broke about 2 hours before Madison and Joe's flight was scheduled to depart last Thursday. At first we could not fathom Madison flying home by herself, but she was so mature and encouraged Joe and I. She very wisely told us that if something happened to the baby, it was more imporatant that Joe be here to have a chance to hold Kyle. On a lighter note, today while on the phone Madison and I were talking about things she can do at the hospital when she comes to visit. I mentioned that my bed was cool with a remote to move the bed UP/DOWN, etc. and she could lay on it with me. Her response was "No way, that's gross!" I asked her why that would be gross and she said said because I have a "bowl full of poop" taped to my butt! After the cathetar was removed, I "graduated" to using a bed pan and in her mind, it meant they just keep a bowl taped to my bottom. At 7 she can be so mature and wise sometimes, while other times I am reminded that she is only seven.

Today, in light of Valentine's Day, I am reminded of our Heavenly Father's love. He loves us unconditionally. He loves us in spite of our short comings and our sins. His love surpasses all that we can understand. In that while we were still sinners and in need, He sent His only Son to die for us. What a tremendous display of love for us! I thank God for His love.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!!

Much Love,

Joe, Jennifer and Madison


Anonymous said...

What a funny story Jennifer, we all laughed.

Your faith is inspirational!! We have prayed for peace that passes all understanding. It's obvious that the Lord has given that to you during this tenuous time.

Don't worry about the iv thing. They can always put in a "PICC" line which is more permanent and will save your veins. Did they mention this to you?

Remember one day at a time, and Philip. 4:6-7. Happy Valentine's day.

In Christ's love,

Anna F.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, How good of you to see the beauty of the Lord in the circumstances you are enduring. He loves your son even more than you do! And, what JOY your daughter brings to you as well as to Him. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Laura Austin(Kelley's mom)

Anonymous said...

hi jennifer, lee told me about whats happened, i just wanted to let you know that kyle and i are thinking of you and praying for you and the baby. hang in there, i know its hard and you're far away from everyone but we are all thinking of you and this blog is a great idea to stay "close" to everyone , we say madison at reese' birthday the other day and she had fun playing helping reese open presents, try not to worry---she's in great hands, you just take care of you and baby kyle. keep smiling and stay strong, love pam rumsey (lee's sister)

Anonymous said...

Jenny, Joe and Madison,
Earl and I are so proud of all three of you and the way you've handled this difficult situation. It is such a blessing to see your spiritual growth, and see you encouraging others. The uncertainties of life are around every corner, but God's faithfulness is sure. We love you and pray for you and little Kyle many times each day as God brings you to our remembrance. We look forward to checking your blog every day. You are an inspiration to us all.
We love you,
Aunt Karen and Uncle Earl

Anonymous said...

Ok - I am not sure if you received my previous message or not. I am re-typing all over again. I guess maybe it was not ment to be forwarded as it was a lot of blah, blah, blah, stuff. Stories and comments ment probably just for you, and not for anwyone else to view - so, I guess it was a good thing that it didn't get published.

Leanne has been really good about keeping me posted.

Anyway, Hang in there, as for whatever reason that we will never understand, the Lord has given you this trial. Wow - you are all going through so much. Can't image!!!

We as a family have been praying for you and your family at dinner together and at bedtime together. The girls have both expressed concern for you, Joe, the new baby (Kyle) and of course Madison.

We are happy to help and have Madison with us at anytime. Just have Joe call us whenever it works for all of you.

I sent you a little story to keep you laughing, but I don't think it beats Madison's " Gross Mommy" comment - with your explanations.

If you ever get a private e-mail, I can keep you a lot more entertained. ha ha ( Send Joe out to get you a laptop - everyone can write you more - "for your eyes only comments" - he he)

In all seriousness, we offer sincere prayers and thoughts for you, bayb Kyle, Joe & Madison.

The McCullough Klan

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,
Well the snow has finally stopped and I will be spending the night with Joe and Madison. If she has cheerleading practice, I promise that I will NOT say a word (boy will that be tough for me!) I still remember how she reacted when I went to her dance recital!!!

We'll get some play time in and Joe said he's going to make me dinner!!! Thank God I taught him how to cook, clean, etc when he was growing up.

Take care of Kyle and yourself and be a good patient.