Friday, February 16, 2007

February 16, 2007

“ I am trusting you, Oh Lord, You are my God ! My future is in your hands.”Psalms 31: 14-15

Just a quick note to let you know there has been a change in my condition. Last night I began bleeding somewhat heavily. At this point, the doctors do not know why or if it will even turn out be a problem. I have been reassured that some women just bleed for no reason and continue on bed rest. The other possibility is that it is the beginning of labor. The doctors are now monitoring me continuously for contractions and have also stopped meals/fluids for now, in case they need to deliver today. My vitals are still normal and I do not have a temperature - which is a positive sign.

When I was admitted at 23 weeks, I was given two shots (24 hours apart) of Cerfactin - a steroid that helps the babies lungs develop quicker. There is not any research as to whether this has any benefit to a baby that is only 23 weeks, but there is research that supports it's administration to babies born at 24 weeks. Anyways, because of the possibility of delivering today, the doctors have decided to give me (or I should say Kyle!) another dose of Cerfactin today and (hopefully) tomorrow to help increase it's effectiveness.

Kyle continues to be unfazed by what is going on - another blessing of the Lord! His heart rate is very strong and he is moving around like crazy this morning. Although Kyle still has fluid to "swim" around in since my water broke, there isn't a cushion between him or I. Each kick or move is much more pronounced and has been a wonderful feeling. So many times over this past week, and this morning, when I start to get worried he has given me a reassuring kick as if he can read my mind. Such a mama's boy already!

I have so much love and thankfulness for all of you. I know your prayers are making a huge difference in our lives and how we handle each day. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY!!! Our hope continues to be firmly rooted in God.

I will try and post an update tonight - hopefully there will not be any changes.

Much Love,

Jennifer, Joe and Madison


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jennifer. I just read yesterday's and today's messages at the same time. It appears there is still reason to be filled with hope, especially as Kyle has made some remarkable strides in his development, but there are also new concerns. Please, know that we continue to pray for God's intervention on your behalf and for His sovereignty to evidence itself to you daily. He is a mighty God full of love and no burden is too great for Him to shoulder with or for you.
It sounds as though your nurses are forthright in explaining procedures and possible scenarios. You are fortunate to have the facts as they know them. It is much more difficult when we are left to our own imaginations.
Continue to rest when you can.
Thank you for your example of faith. Laura Austin

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,
Be hopeful that Kyle is just 'testing the waters' so to speak. He wants to come out and show his personality early like Joe did. Joe gave me lots of heartburn for months on end.

Speaking of kicking, Madison just loves to have a foot on me, in my side, in my back, wherever when I sleep with her. Last night was no different.

I thought sleeping with Madison and Jesse was a challenge!!! It's nothing compared to sleeping with Madison and Casper. Thank God Jesse doesn't walk around my head while I'm sleeping like Casper did last night!!!

Take care of yourself and Kyle. If you need Joe, I can take Madison for the weekend and then work out other details with 'the family'.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer. I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and always thinking of you. You are very lucky to have such good support. Kyle sounds like a very strong little guy. You are one very strong person and it sounds like Kyle is going to get that from you. Take Care!!

Mark, Michelle, Haley & Olivia Michalski

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
It is so wonderful to have this method of communication. We look forward every day to your updates. God knows His children, including you and your family. We have seen you glorify Him every day of this ordeal. I pray that you get lots more days, even weeks, of waiting. But no matter what, God sees the big picture, and it is beyond our understanding how something that could have been harmful will turn out for good. We love you,
Aunt Karen and Uncle Earl