Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008

Kyle playing in his room after bathtime

While getting changed, Kyle likes to "talk" to this monkey

"All your children shall be taught by the Lord,and great shall be the peace of your children." Isaiah 54:13

Kyle turned 11 months old yesterday! It is hard to imagine that our little guy will be one next month. We have debated on what to do for his birthday, as we obviously want to celebrate the occasion, but a big first birthday party just doesn't seem right for him at this point. Plus, parties in Ohio are not as fun in February...too cold! So, we have decided that we are going to have a big bash for Kyle in June when it has been one year since he was released from the hospital and was able to come home to Ohio. As for his actual birthday next month, we are going to celebrate the occasion in Orlando, Florida. I miss Florida so much, especially all the amazing people we met. We already have plans to visit the hospital with Breanne and Rylee, and while we are in Florida, Kyle even gets to go to Rylee's 1st birthday party! I am so excited!!!

Kyle is growing up and developing very well. He can now sit unassisted and play with his toys. While sitting, he can lean all the way forward and twist to either side to pick up toys without falling over. While he is not crawling yet, he pivots around in circles to get to different toys. It'll be only a matter of time before he's on the move. Kyle is very vocal, though not yet talking. (Although Daddy swears he heard Kyle say Da-Da yesterday!) Kyle babbles and grunts to us to get our attention. Sometimes during these "conversations" he gets a real serious look on his face like he's telling a very important story.

Last week Kyle had his monthly shot for RSV. At the appointment, he weighed in at 14 lbs. 14 oz, which means he is probably 15 pounds now. He's roughly in the 5th percentile for weight, even for his adjusted age of 7 months. The doctor isn't worried because he is growing proportionately and consistently. He's just a little peanut still.

Thanks for checking in on us...

God Bless,

Jennifer, Joe, Madison and Kyle


cristi.l.hudkins said...

Hey guys, I too cannot believe that little man is going to be a year old next month. He is such a miracle and I tell people about him all the time. It is rather sad that I never made it over to see you while you where here in Florida, but we would love to try it again next month. Not sure how long you are planning on being here and I am sure from the sounds of it your time will be jammed packed visiting your new found family and friends. let us know when and where you will be and perhaps we can try to cordinate something. Would love to see you guys! Take care and stay warm. Love, The Hudkins Family

Rylee said...

I love your new pictures. You get cuter every time I see you. I can't believe that you will be here in 1 month!!! YEAH!!! Wow you really had a big jump in weight this month. I am still about 14 8 so you are getting bigger than me now. Can you believe that our birthday's are almost here? Where has the year gone? Well ok, so 4 months of it was in NICU but it was worth it. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifier and family
Well have been out of touch with you all for a while. just got home from Florida Wed. night and trying to get things back in order.

Kyle has grown so much since I have been gone, love the pictures of him and Madison, there are beautiful of both of them. He is really growning now for sure and know he is a joy doing so many new things every day. This is the best time when they do so many cute things, something different everyday.

Sorry we never got to Ohio, but I have had alot of back trouble and don't think I could of made it right now.Have been going to the pain clinic and getting shots and they help some.

Glad your going to get to go to Florida, this is the very best time to go, when it is not so hot. I can't take it in the summer down there any more. Hope you all have a great trip and enjoy every minute of it together.

Give the kids a big hug and kiss from me and you all take care and try and stay warm. Love you all.

Love & Prayers, Sandra