Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!


You have brought such joy to our lives, we can not even begin to imagine a life without you. You are an amazing, perfect little guy...we are so proud of you!

Happy 1st Birthday!!!


Mommy, Daddy and Madison

P.S. The video below is of Kyle's 1st year. He has come so far!!!


Anonymous said...

You are a special little boy God sent into this great family. May God bless each one of you as you celebrate his 1st birthday.I hope you have a great time in FL. and seeing your little girlfriend Rylee.

Thanks for that great picture of all of you. I love you all.

Love & Prayers on your trip to FL.
Aunt Sandra

Anonymous said...

Hey guys that video was great, just looked at your picture again and noticed the video and watched it and it was so good. Thanks for sharing with all of us on the BLOG as I am sure everyone will love it.and again..HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE...I LOVE YOU, AUNT SANDRA

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday Kyle!!!!!

Guys Thank you for sharing your pics and memories of the last year! Jen the video was awesome.

Enjoy your trip, each other and every single day!!

Joe, Looks like he is ready for some grounders in Spring 2008!

Love You Guys!

Breanne said...

For some reason I can not see the video. It just shows me a blank box. I tried last night and this morning. I really wanted to see it. I am going to bring my camera with me to the hospital. I got a card for Dr. Lugo from the kids. I will have Rylee write in it and then Kyle can if he wants to. I thought that Dr. Lugo might like it.

cristi.l.hudkins said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!! You have brought so much joy to so many people over the last year.
The video was awesome and again brough tears of joy to my eyes to remind me what miracles are.

God Bless you all in the years to come.
The Hudkins Family